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What is Nexo (NEXO)? Founded in 2018, Nexo is a company in the crypto industry that oversees a digital asset platform with several features, including asset borrowing and crypto trading. Nexo has its own asset, which trades under the ticker NEXO. The NEXO cryptocurrency is a token rather than a coin, as there is no Nexo blockchain mainnet — meaning “NEXO coin price” is technically inaccurate terminology. Nexo faced regulatory issues relating to its Earn product in 2022, but it remained unclear if Nexo closed the product to all customers or only specific customers.  

Nexo: How it works

How does Nexo work? Nexo’s platform contains multiple products. Users can borrow assets on the platform, including fiat currencies, by providing crypto assets as collateral. Borrowing on Nexo does not require facing as many of the same hurdles as typically present with mainstream loans. 

Users can also buy and trade crypto assets via the platform’s Nexo Exchange product. Nexo Exchange differs from a typical crypto exchange. On the back end, the product routes crypto-asset liquidity from multiple different crypto exchanges. The front end is simplified into a main user interface, however. 

Nexo also offers a more trader-centric platform called Nexo Pro. Customers still use their main Nexo accounts to access Nexo Pro. On the back end, Nexo Pro routes its liquidity from numerous sources, similar to the Nexo Exchange product. 

Who is behind Nexo? Antoni Trenchev, Kalin Metodiev and Kosta Kantchev established Nexo. 

NEXO price today

Holders of the NEXO asset gain several benefits related to Nexo’s products. NEXO use cases include membership in Nexo’s tiered Loyalty Program, which in turn results in benefits such as rewards for using the Nexo Exchange. For the price of NEXO in U.S. dollars (USD), see the top of the page, which includes a NEXO to USD live price, the NEXO marketcap, the NEXO total supply and more. A NEXO price chart is also available above. Since NEXO’s value has fluctuated notably throughout its history, as evident in the NEXO live price chart above, seeing a NEXO price prediction would not be out of the ordinary. 

NEXO historical price

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