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Silver is a rare natural chemical element. Generally, silver is considered to be as precious a metal as gold. Silver is used in many spheres, such as medicine, engineering, cinematography and so on. Besides this, silver is used as an investment. Usually, silver’s value is lower than the value of gold, but it doesn’t prevent people from investing in it. Silver’s price can be seen on various charts and graphs, and this information is updated daily. In terms of cryptocurrency and silver, some users prefer to trade silver for Bitcoin and vice versa, as the price for the precious metal is not volatile. For example, some cryptocurrency exchange platforms provide storing digital assets in the form of gold or silver so Bitcoin’s price can be frozen and dependent on the price changes of precious metals.

إن محاولة الإنقاذ بضخ تريليون دولار لن تنتهي بشكل جيد
المستثمر جيم روجرز يحذر من "أسوأ تباطؤ اقتصادي" يشهده في حياته
Ting Peng
البيتكوين لا يُنقب عنه كالذهب، بل هي تمامًا كالفضة
البيتكوين هي فضة العصر، حسب رأي متداول معروف
Darryn Pollock
كل ما تحتاج معرفته حول السلع التقليدية القائمة على تقنية البلوكتشين
السلع كما هي
Andrew Tar

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