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Hashflare is a service for cryptocurrency cloud mining, where users can buy a share of any amount of energy and get passive benefits in proportion to the leased computer power. A minimal share that can be leased costs $0.8. The Hashflare service was created in 2015 by HashCoins specialists. In 2016, the company became independent. During a short period, Hashflare has become one of the largest providers of computer power for mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc., and currently has its own data centers in Estonia and Iceland. The company is aimed to provide simple and convenient services both for experts and newbies. Hashflare mining tariffs are available on the official website Hashflare.io. Hashflare’s reviews are rather positive, due to the advantages of the service.
خدمة تعدين سحابي كبرى تنهي عقود بيتكوين، وتجرِّد المستخدمين من الرسوم السنوية
خروج هاشفلير ومستقبل التعدين السحابي
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