Cybercrime News

Cybercrime is a crime made on/against computers and/or a network. Computers and networks may be both a tool or a target of an attacker. Cryptocurrency cybercrimes and Bitcoin-oriented cybercrimes are now an inseparable part of the industry. Cryptocurrency allows cybercrimes like hacking, phishing and various scamming schemes. There were a lot of notable cryptocurrency thefts with the latest cybercrime cases being the Coincheck hack (with $400 million worth of NEM tokens stolen in 2018) and NiceHash (with $60 million stolen). Cybercrimes also may be performed within the blockchain, like the infamous DAO event, where $50 million worth of Ethereum was taken by the hacker and led to the hard fork of the whole platform. Different types of wallet services for altcoins are one of the main targets of cybercrimes, as a flaw in the system gives hacker access to multiple accounts.