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Cappasity is a cloud platform for electronic commerce that allows increased conversion by integration of 3D/VR/AR technologies into business processes. Cappasity provides the solution for the creation, storage and implementation of 3D content in websites for online shopping. For this purpose, every user should hold an amount of the Cappasity token (CAPP). The Cappasity coin can be bought via exchanges. This way of interactively watching products allows customers to receive much more information, since the customer has the ability to zoom in and view the product from all possible sides. It keeps the attention of the customer longer and allows them to know and remember it better. Besides all this, it reduces the chances that the customer will return the product. The Cappasity ICO was conducted in the beginning of 2018.
وصفت صناعة الواقع الافتراضي بأنها الحدث الضخم، مالذي يمنع تحقيق ذلك؟
التحديات الراهنة للواقع الافتراضي
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