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Bitcointalk is a cryptocurrency forum that is one of the major sources of information related to blockchain, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Bitcointalk was founded in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto — the original Bitcoin developer. Bitcointalk forum is a place where most new cryptocurrencies announce their establishment, important upgrades and events. For example, Bitcointalk is Ethereum’s first announcement platform. Bitcointalk altcoin announcements are mostly marked with an [ANN] label. Bitcointalk is also ICOs main announcement platform. Despite being a helpful and important part of the cryptocurrency industry, Bitcointalk is a speculation enterprise source. A lot of new ICOs and cryptocurrencies published on the forum are fraudulent and targeted at non-experienced cryptocurrency users that may be dragged into non-returnable investments.

حاول تقرير استقصائي حول العملة المشفرة الوطنية المدعومة من النفط في فنزويلا، بترو (PTR)، أن يقارن صحة الادعاءات الحكومية مع الحقائق على أرض الواقع
"لا توجد أي علامة على وجود بترو هنا": الغموض والارتباك يحيطان "بثورة" العملة المشفرة في فنزويلا
Marie Huillet

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